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Ohhh boy. The last year of his teenage years, though already considered an adult. I can't wrap my head around the fact that my first and only son is an adult. And now he is 19. Nineteen years ago I became a mommy. In some ways it doesn't seem that long ago and then in other ways, it seems forever ago. How could nineteen years pass so quickly?! When we we get so old?! I certainly don't feel that old, yet here I am, a mom to a man, though he will always be my little guy :) The little guy who loved action figures, Legos, cars and Pokemon. The little guy who refused to take off his Superman costume for 3+ days and who coaxed his fellow daycare friends to jump off the register cause they too could fly like him, aka Superman, haha! So many great memories and what a great nineteen years it has been. I've watched this little 9lb 4.25oz baby boy grown into a polite, grateful, smart, creative, free spirit with a wonderful heart. All I have ever wanted for him in life was to be happy in whatever he is doing, whatever path he chooses. I hope this year proves to be amazing for him and for that amazingness and happiness continues on into his future. 


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