Children and family sessions, ahhhh! These are most favorite sessions of all! Sessions usually don't last more than one-hour but I am not super strict on time restraints (unless I have other sessions scheduled after yours). Let’s have fun and let the kids run, play and get silly. Engage and play with your children as you normally would. Bring their favorite book(s) or toy. Bring a blanket, have a picnic! Doing what you normally do and just being natural will make some amazing memories for you and your family and allow me to capture those candid moments versus posed shots. Of course, we will do some posed portraits but I want to focus on you and your family, not the other way around. Sit back, relax, and let me do the rest! 


Where will our session take place?

Your family/child session will be held on-location, meaning at an agreed upon spot. This could be a local park, a cool little downtown area, and even right in your home and in your own backyard! I am always up for exploring new locations and some of my now favorites I have learned about from past sessions. An additional fee will be charged for locations outside of Macomb and Oakland counties. Please account for the weather prior to our session together. Sessions will only be rescheduled due to horrible weather conditions (extreme heat/cold, thunderstorms, etc.). A little spring rain sprinkle here and there has never stopped me ;) but I will be diligently watching the weather for a couple of days leading to our session together! Regarding out of the area session...I LOVE destination sessions! I love to travel, especially all over the state of Michigan but I am always up for just about anything! Contact me and let's discuss some options!


What time of day will we have our session? ****Summer-Time****

So many people think the bright afternoon summer sunshine is perfect for photos. However, this brings out harsh shadows and you'll end up squinting your eyes....not a great look for photos! I love to shoot at any time of the day but in the evening is my favorite! You'll get that golden light of the sunshine, it won't be as hot...and no squinting ;) So think after dinner time as being ideal for photos. And if the kids are great (which I am sure they will be!) maybe an ice cream treat on your way home :) Please note....this is primarily for summer sessions. In the fall and going into winter, I do shoot only during the day since daylight doesn't last very long. 


What on earth should we wear?! 

This is a huge deal and something that stresses a lot of people out. But it doesn't have to be stressful at all! I am always available to assist in clothing coordination. Many clients will send me cell phone pics of their outfits and we go from there. And I have met up with clients in stores to help out on a shopping expedition a couple times too! When shopping for outfits, coordinating colors and layers look amazing but please, don’t be too matchy-matchy (you know, everyone wearing the same color shirt and pants!) Also, try to avoid character clothing and large logos which can be distracting and take away from the subject (you and/or your children!). If you have Pinterest, there are many, many pins on the subject of what to wear for photos. I can send you direct links if you'd like!


What will my investment be and what all is included?

I have two different session packages for you to choose from. The packages are set up so you are not paying a separate session fee and package fee. It's now all rolled up into one so make everything easier and streamlined for both you and I. There are also add-on print packages. Additional prints and sizes, as well as canvas are available as well. A 50% deposit will need to be paid when booking your session. This holds your date and time for you so rest assured, that is YOUR date and YOUR time :) I totally understand that things can come up suddenly causing a reschedule of your session. Please contact me as soon as possible to let me know and so we can come up with a new date for your session. Extended family sessions follow session package (b). 

Session (a)

  • 60 minutes
  • 20 digital images
  • 250.00

Session (b)

  • 90 minutes
  • all digital images 
  • 450.00


Print Packages

(a) 15 5x5 prints, high quality, matte finish 95.00

(b) 10 4x6 | 2 8x10 95.00

(c) 2 5x7 | 2 8x10 95.00

(d) 10 4x6 | 4 5x7 95.00 

Other size are available. Let me customize a package for you! 

Now get an app on your phone that features YOUR gallery!

Perfect for showing off your photos to friends and family! 

App works for both Apple and Android based phones. 

just 50.00 



Niki Collis Photography accepts cash and checks as forms of payment.

Please note that any returned checks will be subject to an additional $65 fee. 

All prices & packages are subject to change without notice. 

If you have any additional questions that I did not cover here, please feel free to contact me!

I can’t wait to hear from you and see your smiling face!