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Once Upon a Time...

February 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


Once upon a time I had a blog and though I didn't update it regularly, I did enjoy creating the occasional blog and sharing them. I've been thinking and I'm pretty sure it's high time that I get back into blogging. My <small> goal is to have at least one blog posted per week. If you have some time and want to check my "old" blog, you can find it here BLOG. I will not be updating that one anymore (and I'm not even too sure how long that one will be available online) and all future blog posts will be right here.

So what's going to be on this new blog? My answer is this: All kinds of fun stuff! I'll be blogging photo sessions, sharing experiences, and sharing some tips and tricks for not only photography, but also how to display your photos in your home and stuff like that. This will also be the hot spot to read about any specials and contests that I may run as well as any casting calls. I'll also be sharing links that I find helpful. If you have a blog and have a great article or two that you'd like to share, I just may be featuring it here as well! We can totally chat about that ;)

 If you want to get into blogging (or, back into blogging) my super awesome photog friend, Stella has some great tips that you can check out here 7 Steps to Kick Off Your Blogging Habit I am most definitely going to be taking her tips and putting them to good use. 

Enjoy your day! 



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