Niki Collis Photography | 14


April 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

14. How is it possible that 14 years has come and gone? When I think about it, it's gone by so quickly, yet some days seemed to never end. Fourteen years of laughs, cries, drama (ohhh the drama!) and of course, the love. I'm having a difficult time accepting the fact that my baby is now fourteen years old. Fourteen is too close to high school (which is only a few short months away!). Fourteen is too close to sixteen. Then eighteen... Sighhh... She still seems like a little girl to me yet she's growing up so quickly. The little girl who would never stay in her bed and would wander in the middle of the night and set up her sleeping arrangement on the couch, now loves the comfort of her bedroom. The little girl who covered her ears and cried every time that gorgeous head of hair needed to be brushed, now spends a lot of time styling her own hair. The little girl who loved pink and wore dresses, now prefers jeans and hoodies. And the little girl who wanted to be a singer when she grew up, well, she still wants to sing, and be an artist and a teacher. She makes me proud and drives me crazy...both, every day. And I wouldn't trade her for the world. <3 



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