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A Beautiful Mess

May 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

First, I'll start with a little back-story.

My first Kelly Moore bag was the B-Hobo. It was on my Christmas list one year but we had come into a little financial slump so I knew I'd have to wait a little while longer before I got a new camera bag. Christmas morning comes and my husband hands me this box and as I start to rip the wrapping paper off, I swear, my heart did a flip. The box said "Kelly Moore Bags" I was shocked to say the least and cried immediately. Tears of not only getting this amazing bag, but tears because my husband was able to get it and totally surprise me with it. Love! 

Me with my B-Hobo :)

I couldn't wait to transfer all my gear into my new bag and of course, show it off to my family that day :) So I carried and loved that bag to every single session. At first, I was so careful to not let it get dirty--gahhh! It can't touch the ground! But since I'm all over the place when I shoot, be it laying in the grass or kneeling in snow, B-Hobo ended up there too. It saw super extreme heat, snow, rain and mud. It's been stuffed to it's gills with equipment, papers, and props. And guess what? It still looks new. Loved. But new. (except for the zipper pull that accidentally got broken off). And every single item that I put into the bag has always been 100% protected and damage-free. 

So I recently acquired a brand spankin' new Kelly Moore Bag. The "A Beautiful Mess" bag to be more specific. And oh how I love this bag! I seriously cannot put into words how perfect A Beautiful Mess is to me. It's fits my needs to a "t", I can fit all my gear in it with extra room to boot, and it's so super stylish! Oh, and it keeps me way organized! I am by far, not the most organized person whatsoever. All Kelly Moore bags are well crafted and keep your most precious gear super well protected. I have never worried one bit whether or not my gear was safe and protected. 

A Beautiful Mess comes in three fabulous colors; Black, Kelly Green, and Caramel which is the color I ultimately went with. What an agonizing decision though--all three colors are amazing! Of course, right away, I had to transfer my gear from my B-Hobo into their new home with A Beautiful Mess. In my bag, I currently have the following: camera body with lens attached, 2 additional lenses, a memory card folio, external flash, extra batteries for the flash and the camera, a lens cloth, business cards, stickers (kids love stickers!), a clipboard with contracts, etc., pens, and I think that's it. But there's so much more room! The ABM bag comes with a padded/insulated bottle holder that totally doubles into a lens holder (I've got 2 in mine!), and a diaper changing pad (which I "say" I will use so my knees remain dirty free when photographing on the ground but I will probably rarely use it for that and more for my baby clients who may need a change mid-session!) 

You can check out all the specs plus a video tutorial on A Beautiful Mess (plus all of her other fabulous bags!) on Kelly's website Kelly Moore Bag Oh! And she is having a super sale right now for Mother's Day...$30 off any bag! Woohoo!! Check (and LIKE) her page on Facebook here for more details on this offer and to keep up to date on sales and new bags and all kinds of other good stuff :) And most definitely check out the inspiration for the ABM bag... A Beautiful Mess website! And if you've gotten this far (which I hope you have!), let me know what your favorite Kelly Moore bag is after you check out her website! :)

Thank you Kelly Moore for the amazing bag! I'm not too into name brands but for my camera bags, it's got to be Kelly Moore Bags! ;)


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