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What to Wear?

May 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It's almost time for your photo session but you still haven't picked out coordinating outfits for the family! Eek! This can be a huge stress factor for many people who struggle with what to wear for their photo session. They want the perfect outfits and why wouldn't they? They'll be hanging their portrait on the wall and sharing with family and friends, of course they want to look fabulous!

There's the old standard of everyone donning a white shirt and khaki pants...but honestly, that's boring and lacks creativity and personality. It's flat and uninteresting. You want to POP and look your very best.

When my clients ask, I always encourage them to not be so matchy-matchy. Find a color scheme that you love and go with it...usually consisting of 3 coordinating colors give or take. You want your family to stand out and not blend in with your backgrounds. You also want each member of your family to stand out on his or her own (thus why I discourage matching outfits). 

I help many families and individuals almost daily coordinate outfits for pictures or other events. Working part-time in a clothing retail store definitely has it's benefits. I can see (and try on!) the newest styles, see what people really want and how to put it all together. I love helping people put outfits together! 

Here is an example of outfits I coordinated for some customers not too long ago. They looked amazing and were very happy with what we had come up with. In this particular family, it was the dad, mom, little boy and little girl. 

You can see in the outfits that the color scheme they went for was blue, grey and pink. We did layering with dad and the little boys shirts and with the little girl and her denim jacket and scarf. The mom also had picked out some fabulous jewelry not pictured. Don't forget to accessorize with jewelry, hats, scarves, ties and more! Layers and accessories really help you stand out, add dimension and fun!

Another tip that I always stress to my clients....avoid character clothing (for kids) and large logos, especially on shirts. You want the focus on you and your family, not the latest cartoon, princess or what store you shopped at ;) 

You can see some more examples of coordinating outfits on my Pinterest board, What To Wear for Photos and a new site that I just discovered (and am swooning over!) Design Seeds, which has coordinating color pallets that are always a great help in planning your color scheme. 

And I am always happy to help in any way that I can when it comes to coordinating outfits! I've had clients call, text and email photos and I have been known to go shopping with my clients as well! It totally takes the stress off when you have someone helping you out! 

If you have any tips for coordinating outfits, please share! :) 


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