Niki Collis Photography | Tweens in the City | Mount Clemens Tween / Teen Session

Tweens in the City | Mount Clemens Tween / Teen Session

September 26, 2014  •  11 Comments

Oh was this a funnnnnn session!


Often times, this age group doesn't get profession portraits taken unless it's a family/sibling session. We all love seeing pictures of newborn babies and cutie lil toddlers toddling around :) and then we kind of skip a little bit and before you know it, our little ones are now high school seniors and booking senior sessions! Then comes engagement, wedding, maternity, and then.....Okay, let's stop right there! lol But you get the picture ;) Time just flies right on by, never pausing for us to grasp the concept that our babies are only our babies for a short time (Well, they will ALWAYS be our babies but we really can't swaddle them and put cutesie outfits on them forever, lol!) 


So. This "tweenage" years is still pretty important! They are growing up, learning different skills, learning how things work in this big world. They are developing their own unique styles, gaining lifetime friendships and getting into different activities. You don't want to miss out on any of that! Having a tween session is also a great confidence booster (and they'll think it's super cool too!). 


This group of tween girls are not only great friends but they are an amazing group dancers as well. We had a blast walking around downtown Mount Clemens one sunny afternoon taking photos. I incorporated my ideas and visions and they gave me some great feedback and ideas as well. The funniest thing I recall about this session is when I told them to all to walk towards me. Not so funny, right? Well, they were all looking down at their feet to make sure they were walking in sync with one another! Ha! Super cute! So that obviously took a couple tries ;) 


The girls even got to dress up in some vintage swag. The lovely owner of Max & Ollie's invited the girls into her shop to try on hats, scarves, gloves and other accessories. And then we shot some photos of the girls all dressed up. How awesome is that?! If you're ever in the Mount Clemens area and are looking for some fun, vintage clothing and items, most definitely stop in at Max & Ollie's to see whats new!


So yep! *I* had such a great time hanging out with this group of girls (and I am pretty, pretty sure they had fun too!), I'm hoping to snag them up again and do another session like this sometime this fall maybe(?) in their stylish fall fashions! I'm sure they'd love to do this again as well. 


If you'd like to book your own Tweens in the City session, please contact me and we will definitely set something up! 


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So true, this age is normally glossed over with only a school picture and a few family photos but i'm sure remember this age like this will be amazing in the years to come.
Super cute! Looks like they had a lot of fun!
What a bunch of sweethearts! Love the one with them all smiling and laughing on the table.
These are so cute! I love that you brought out their sass and personalities.
What a great concept! Love the ones of the girls laughing together as friends do.
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