Niki Collis Photography | The "R" Family, with Love | Rochester Hills Family Session

The "R" Family, with Love | Rochester Hills Family Session

January 08, 2015  •  4 Comments

I got a referral from a fellow photographer for this family. They needed someone asap to photograph their family and I was able to squeeze them into my busy season. Even if I hadn't had the time, I would have rearranged other appointments and such. This family was dealing with something very serious health wise. A delicate surgery was to take place a few days after our session. I made sure the family had every single photo prior to that surgery, which meant staying up super late to get their photos completed. I'm very passionate about my job and if my talents can bring a family happiness, especially during a difficult time, I will do anything for them. 

So I met up with the family, and what a great family they are! The girls took to me instantly and told me all about the circus they went to the night before, showing me souvenirs and whatnot. They wanted me to stay and play and see their bedrooms. So adorable! It was chilly outside but we warmed up a couple time by going back inside, haha! 

This story has a happy ending with a successful surgery and all is a-okay :) Hooray!! 



Loving this family session! Michigan is lucky to have you as their family photographer!
Danielle Mitchell(non-registered)
This is such a gorgeous family session! You did such an amazing job capturing their happiness. You're an incredibly talented Michigan Family Photographer!!
These are so beautiful! I wish I were closer to Michigan -- I'd definitely want you to be my family photographer
What a beautiful family! If I'm ever in Michigan, I'm definitely going to be contacting you for family portraits. You're such a great photographer! Love your work. :)
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