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A Little Bit of Rambling, A Whole Lot of Info

February 20, 2015  •  4 Comments


Guys.....guys! I've got so much to say, so much to be excited about....and here I go...

You may have (or not) noticed that I've been a little quite lately. Well, I decided to take a little time off. A little time to dedicate to myself & my health. My family. And some time to regroup my thoughts. Especially where business is concerned. Obviously, these sub-zero temperatures we're having here in Michigan makes it rather difficult to get outside and shoot (and who wants frostbite anyways? Please don't say Elsa.... ha!). So the snowy and icy days have made business a little slow. And I'm totally OK with that. Like I said, it gave me ME time, something I think we all need once in awhile. Get back to being centered. Be you. Be true. Breathe. Ahhhhh.... 

Ok. So I am in the process of revamping parts of my website. Changes are coming soon, I promise, not just to you, but a promise to myself. There's been a few subtle changes/improvements and that will totally continue. Not a huge big BANG and it's done or drastically different. I have a vision on how I want it to look, what I want it to say, and how it comes across to you, my clients and fans. Because without YOU, there is no ME. So yep, that is coming.


In the past couple months, I've taken a few highly interactive online courses by some incredible photographers. Photographers who have helped me realize what kind of photographer I want to be. Photographers who work I simply adore. I don't want to be them. I don't want to duplicate them (and would never entertain that idea). But they are super inspirational and have taught me so much.  As well as the other participants in the classes--I can't say enough good things! They are such a great support system and always there to offer advice and feedback. I am also on a couple forums through Facebook that are pretty darn helpful, fun and inspiring. I highly suggest you find like-minded people to interact with--totally makes a world of difference. And you can make some pretty groovy new friends too! Bonus!


Soon, soon, soon but not soon enough....I'll be attending an AMAZING two-day photography conference out of state. I'll be  hitting the road with some super fab ladies early one morning and then. Then the fun begins. I'll be learning from and shooting alongside some of the very best of the best photographers in this industry. Photographers who I greatly admire, not only for their uber amazing photography skills but for their uber amazing business skills. Running a photography business isn't "just" shooting and producing images. There is so much more that YOU need to put into it in order to be successful. Anyone can pick up a camera and snap a photo...but how many of those people are legit and run a legit business? (FYI, I totally pay my taxes when I'm supposed to and am registered with my state as a business--yay me!). So during this conference, I'll be learning about different business aspects. New ways to market. News ways to cater to MY clients. I'll be breaking out of my comfort zone and shooting concepts and visions from sun up to way past sunset (hey, who needs sleep?!) for two+ days. I.Can't.Wait. Even my lunch & dinner times have been X'ed off and changed into more breakout shooting session. So much talent squeezed into one place. So much gorgeousness with all of the models (omg, beautiful!). So yeah, I am beyond excited about this opportunity. I suspect I'll be sleeping a LOT when I get back home ;)


So now what? I'll tell ya. I want to shoot. I want to shoot all the time. I want to shoot right this second.  I want to come to your house and photograph your family doing normal family things. Make cookies. Color. Crafts. Hang out and read a book. I want to explore new places and photograph you while doing so. I want to shoot your backyard country wedding. I want to photograph you + your significant other, just being you. I want to meet your newborn miracle and photograph all those sweet first moments. I want to run and play in a field, in the lake, and at a park with your little ones. I want to see the laughs, the serious face, the silly faces, and yep, even the sad faces. I want to photograph love. I want to photograph life. Life as it is. Life as it happens. Love. Yes, yes, yes. Let's do this. Let's make this one unforgettable year. I can't wait for what's next.








This is so great! If I'm ever in Detroit I'll be having you do our family pictures!
You are an amazing family photographer! Michigan is lucky to have you!
Whooo! Welcome to the fun side. There's nothing better than making pictures of life as it happens.
Sounds amazing. Your work is always inspiring.
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