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Sister Fun | St. Clair Shores Child Photographer

June 27, 2016  •  5 Comments

I had a super fun time with these two darling sisters one day at the park. Mom told me they chose their own outfits and I just love their choices! We walked around the park and found many different spots for photos. Whenever I have a session that involves children, I always like to get them more involved. I feel that it makes it a little more fun for them and I am not just dictating on where they should go, where they should stand, etc. So I always ask, "Where do YOU think a good spot is to take pictures?" They LOVE to pick out a spot or two and to be honest, 10 times out of 10, it is a really great spot! And the spots that these girls picked out were just perfect! I hope to see them (and their entire family) in front of my camera again soon <3



This is basically the cutest thing ever! What great models. Detroit is lucky to have you as a family photographer :)
What beautiful sisters. I'll be contacting you as our family photographer when we visit Michigan
Lindsay Wirtanen-Dudas(non-registered)
These are precious!! My friend in Michigan has been looking for a family photographer, I'll send her your way.
What a sweet sister session! I am looking for a Michigan family photographer! Contacting you now!
What a wonderful sisters shoot, they are adorable! Metro Detroit is so lucky to have you as a Family Photographer!
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