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We've all heard of, been to and even hosted home-based parties for item like gourmet foods, candles, jewelry, etc. etc.! While those all can be super fun (believe me, I know!) food gets eaten up, candles burn down, and jewelry tarnishes. Boo :( What if I told you that you could host a party where the idea is to create something to treasure forever? Something memorable and something to add to the decor of your home that will never go out of style? And what if that something was beautiful custom portraits of your child/children that you can earn at zero cost? ZERO = FREE! 

            Ready to sign up? I thought so! ;) 


As a hostess, your mini session is at no cost to you. Zero. Ziltch. Nada.

You will earn credit for each guest that attends. With that credit, you can choose from a variety of products featuring your child (or children!). The more guests you have, the more credit you get! You will even get credit when a guest books and holds a party from yours! It's so simple! And so much fun! Just three easy-peasy steps to get this party started!


  • Step One

Contact me and book your party! At this time, we will also determine a location (your home is perfect! or a local park perhaps) as well as fine tune any important details. 

  • Step Two

Invite at LEAST 5 families! The more the merrier, but you must have 5 commit to attending. Grown-up attendees pay just $30 per child and that includes a complimentary 5x7 professional print. Advance sign-up and prepayment is required.  Sorry, no refunds. 

  • Step Three

I will create a Facebook Event just for you and your party! You can add your friends and family to the event and within that event, any and all questions can be asked, answered and planning and scheduling can be done. 




So WHY should you host a portrait party??

The number one reason is of course....FREE product (featuring YOUR child!) with zero obligation to purchase more! 

Also great way to celebrate birthdays! Play-dates! Back to School Parties! Themed Parties! The ideas are endless! 


Portrait parties are a great way to get together with friends while creating fabulous memories and artwork for your home. 

They are great for:

  • the budget conscious families
  • updating your child's portrait
  • scouts
  • sports & dance teams
  • play-groups
  • busy families who can't schedule in a full session right now
  • and it's a good way to get to know me, your photographer! :)
  • Plus, they are super fun :) 



"As a hostess, exactly what do I get?"

My hostesses love what they receive by having a Portrait Party! 

(one) complimentary 5x7

$30 credit for each guest that books 

a special gift (shhh! it's a secret!)

for each guest that books and holds a Portrait Party of their own, the hostess gets another $30 in credit!

So hostesses, by having at least 5 guests, you are guaranteed $150 in portrait credit! 



The After-Party

All photos will be edited and put into password-protected galleries that the hostess and her guests will be able to view within 2 weeks of the party. You are in no obligation to order a single product (but I'm sure you will want to!). Packages start at just $85. We can do in-person sales OR you can order online in the comfort of your home. Orders must be received within 5 days of the gallery viewing! Once the orders come in, I will contact the hostess to set up a day/time to bring her all of the orders. 


If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! 
 >>>>>>>>>> And if you are all ready to have some FUN and to book a party, click here to contact me! <<<<<<<<<<